ADAPT 360 White

(ChuanKee Promo)

  • EPOS ADAPT 360 is an over-ear, double-sided headband
  • EPOS ADAPT 360 series makes you feel different, helps you stay focus, whether taking business calls or listening to music
  • EPOS ADPAT 360 has multi-point connectivity to any two Bluetooth® devices simultaneously
  • ADAPT 360 has dedicated button for Microsoft Teams via BTD 800 USB dongle
  • Active Noise Cancellation that reduces background noise
  • Convenient and extremely portable due to a robust, foldable design
  • Certified for Microsoft Teams and optimized for UC
  • ADPAT 360 has up to 46 hours of battery life
  • Lightweight, portable and wireless
  • Enjoy up to 46 hours listening time

MSRP : $268.13
Now : $247.01