CRM Integration Singapore

CRM is frequently used in business to manage a company’s interactions with clients and potential customers. The phone system, which gives businesses essential communication connections, is another crucial thing in the business sector. The two perform at their peak when combined. With access to the Asterisk Management Interface (AMI), Hypercom PBX Systems may integrate with well-known CRM software. Our PBX System can be linked with third-party applications due to the open API.

Features of CRM Integration with PBX System

The CRM Integration in Singapore with a PBX system boosts communication effectiveness, improves client satisfaction, and offers insightful data on call interactions and clients.



Click to Call

Calls can be made directly with a click from the CRM interface.

Call Transfer

Directly from the CRM, calls can be transferred to other agents or departments.

Call Hang Up

Directly terminate calls from the CRM interface.

Screen Popping

When a call is received, display customer details and relevant data on the CRM screen.

Call Center Optimization

CRM can be used to streamline call handling and improve call centre staff performance.

Real-time Note Taking

During calls, take notes in real-time so that the agents can record significant information.

Call History Logging

Maintain detailed call history records for analysis and reference.


Benefits of CRM Integration in Singapore

Efficient Call Handling

CRM integration simplifies call management for sales and service teams to handle calls efficiently. To streamline client interactions and save manual processes, agents can make and accept calls directly from the CRM interface.

Better Customer Insights

Businesses can easily access call records and client information in the CRM, which offers valuable insights into customer interactions. This visibility provides better decision-making, more individualized customer engagement, and more successful sales tactics.

Cost Saving and Profitability

Resource efficiency and cost reduction are made easier by automated call logging and effective call routing. Businesses can increase profitability and better allocate resources to significant objectives by maximizing efficiency.

Enhanced Customer Service

CRM integration enables customer care teams to offer better support by gaining access to customer histories and preferences. Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty result from quicker problem resolution and personalized service.

Business Growth and Performance

The integration enables quick identification and seizes sale opportunities. Sales teams can use customer information and communication insights to increase sales by streamlining communication procedures and customer interactions while overall business performance is enhanced.

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