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Microsoft Teams for Maximizing Productivity in Singapore

The hottest new collaboration platform is constantly a topic of discussion in the corporate world. There undoubtedly are a number of options available. But one solution in particular stands out: Microsoft Teams. Additionally, it is absolutely free with Office 365 and Microsoft 365.

Let’s get to know all you need to know about Microsoft Teams in Singapore for companies, freelancers, and pretty much everyone else who works in an official team setting.

What is Microsoft Teams?

With integrations within Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams is a team collaboration platform for office chat and video meetings. This covers document exchange, virtual gatherings, and discussion groups based on tasks or common interests.

Users can also link OneNote notebooks, SharePoint, Outlook, Planner, and Microsoft To-Do to other Microsoft 365 services. Additionally, Microsoft Planner and Microsoft BI can be integrated.

One of Microsoft’s more recent product offerings, Microsoft Teams, was introduced in 2017. Microsoft created Teams in response to the popularity of Slack and other office chat programs.

What is the Purpose of Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a productivity tool that is mainly designed to improve group collaboration. It includes features like chat, video conferencing, and file sharing that are quite similar to its forbearer Slack and some features from Zoom.

The integration of Microsoft Teams with other Microsoft 365 programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is what sets it apart from competing collaboration tools. It is the perfect tool for companies that use Microsoft products.

Features of Microsoft Teams

Here are some of the effective features for Microsoft Teams:

Teams and ChannelsTeams are made up of channels, which serve as conversation boards for teammates.
Chat FunctionMost collaboration apps include a simple chat feature that allows communication between teams, groups, and individuals.
Document Storage in SharePointA SharePoint Online site with a built-in document library is included with Microsoft Teams. You can adjust the security and permissions for sensitive stuff and save all shared files here.
Video Calling and Screen SharingEfficient screen sharing for technical help, real-time multi-user collaboration, and seamless video calls are all features of Microsoft Teams.
Online MeetingsIt offers flexible online meetings with up to 10,000 people that are appropriate for both internal and external cooperation. It has features for scheduling, taking notes, sharing files, and real-time communication.
Audio ConferencingThrough dial-in numbers available in hundreds of cities, audio conferencing enables phone-based participation in meetings and provides internet-free access. It calls for additional licensing.

Advantages of Using Microsoft Teams

Integrating All Tools into One Location

Microsoft designed Teams with user ease in mind. All of the other apps are included in a chat tool that you have. You may organize a meeting or discuss a task with people from a channel, make a video or audio call, collaborate on files without leaving a chat, and more.

No Extra Charge for Users of Microsoft 365

For some businesses, additional fees can be a deal-breaker. The good news is that the Teams feature won’t set you back any money if your business currently has a Microsoft 365 license. Separate chat applications like Slack or Google Hangout may incur additional costs for your company.

Convenient Chat Addition

You can incorporate third-party tools into your channels. You don’t have to stop using your other go-to tools just because you use Teams. Like, you may incorporate Trello and online storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Seamless file backup, collaboration, and search

Each channel has its own file server. Do you know those times when you have to scroll to find a particular file? You don’t have to scroll through every channel; instead, use the File tabs.  

There’s a good chance that you’ll need to find an old document that you shared with a group of people months ago. Microsoft backs up your files and saves you. You didn’t lose the files because they are still stored in a SharePoint site even after a channel is deleted.

Utilize Mobile Apps

There is a mobile app for Microsoft Teams that is accessible to Windows, iOS, and Android users. Teams Mobile is a streamlined and simplified version of the full app that is excellent for messaging while on the go. When you need to rapidly catch up on what you missed while away from your desk or out of the workplace, its simplified version is also fantastic.

How to Install Microsoft Teams?

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4
Visit this link to downloadTo download the installation file, click on the Download Teams icon.After the download is finished, click on the file to launch the installation.When asked, log in with your SMU email address and password.

In the End

Microsoft Teams is a great platform for collaboration that simplifies communication, interacts with Microsoft 365, and provides many benefits—all without charging extra for Microsoft 365 subscribers. It’s an excellent option for increasing productivity in the team because of its seamless integration, mobile accessibility, and effective file management.

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