Fonestar specializes in the design and manufacture of audio and communication equipment. They offer a range of products catering to various audio and communication needs.

They include the following:

1. Public Address (PA) and Intercom Systems:
Fonestar provides audio systems for Public Address (PA) applications, such as announcements, background music, and voice amplification in public spaces.

Key leading technologies in PA systems include:

• Audio over IP (AIP) - transmission of audio signals using Internet Protocol (IP) networks. This technology allows for the efficient and flexible distribution of audio signals over standard data networks, such as local area networks (LANs) and the internet.

• Simple Zone Systems – FONESTAR systems can design announcement levels by zones allowing greater control in the sound of announcements.

• Digital Audio Matrix – provides fine tuning in sound equalisation adjustment for each zone.

• Message Scheduling - It allow you to automate the playback of messages and manage background music, together or separately. It can manage and automate messages with background music locally or remotely.

• Voice Evacuation - Critical to provide clear voice messages in emergency or fire situations to help people evacuate an area to safety without experiencing panic. Complies with EN54, a series of European standards that specify requirements and laboratory test procedures for fire detection and fire alarm systems.

2. Professional Audio Visual Equipment:
Fonestar produce professional audio equipment designed for applications like concerts, events, or installations where high-quality sound reproduction is essential.

• Loud Speakers
• Sound Mixers
• Microphones
• AV Multimedia Equipment
• AV Mount
• Lighting and Effects
• Racks and AV Transport Cases 3. Audio Visual Systems:
Fonestar provide solutions for audio-visual setups, including amplifiers, speakers, and related equipment for home theatres, conference rooms, or other multimedia environments.

Fonestar has successfully been deployed in Worship Centres, Hospitality, Retail, Sports Facilities, Transportation Hubs, Education, Healthcare Centres, Factories

Hypercom is currently a partner for Fonestar Singapore and will be able to assist you for your PA System requirements.