iPro Singapore

Empowering Safety and Decision-Making Through Technological Advancements

iPro works to record moments of underlying truth to support better the decisions made by individuals who protect and preserve lives and contribute to a safer and more peaceful world. They have accepted the challenge of creating technological advancements that enhance the human senses and provide protection and information even in the most difficult environments.

Product Range of iPro in Singapore

Network Cameras
PTZ Cameras: I-PRO WV-X6533LN/LNS,
Dome cameras: I-PRO Dome Camera, I-PRO WV-S4156A,
Bullet / Box cameras:I-PRO WV-S1552L

Network Recorder System
Embedded recorders: I-PRO WJ-NU NVR, I-PRO WJ-NX NVR

More Details About Company

Founded Year: 2019

Location: Japan

Company Stage: Private

What they do: Device and module development, production, and sales for the fields of security, medical, and industry.

Technologies: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition, Human Detection / Tracking