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The Story of Hyper Communications Pte Ltd

Hyper Communications Pte Ltd was established in 2006 by a team of experienced professionals in Unified Communications, Security & Surveillance and Digital Technology.

Its main objective was to promote digital and technological empowerment for business transformation. Hyper Communications have been constantly improving and growing over the last decade to better serve and meet the business requirement of our customers.

Powering Digital Transformation with Unified Communications, Security & Surveillance, and Digital Technology

Hyper Communications continues to innovate, update and enhance its technological capabilities and digital expertise assist customers better, to future-proof their businesses. Hyper Communications serve a wide diversity of clients such as Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Listed Companies, Multi-national Corporations (MNCs) and also Government Organisations.

Hyper Communications has to date more than a decade of proven track record in providing Unified Communications solutions.

Enabling Seamless Communication Integration for Real-Time Business Solutions

Hyper Communications is an experienced system integrator, It specializes in enabling the integration of real time enterprise communication solutions with non-real-time communication services across multiple devices.

Integrated Solutions for Optimized Business Processes and Enhanced Competitiveness

Our professional team always seek to understand our customers’ business and operational needs before recommending an appropriate set of Unified Communications solution that will optimize our customer’s business processes, enhance productivity and increase competitiveness.

Enterprise real time communications solutions include instant messaging, voice (including IP telephony), Omni-Channel, data sharing, mobile connectivity, and web & video conferencing. Non-real-time communication services include voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax.

Operating within a rich digital ecosystem, Hyper Communications is able to integrate our leading Unified Communications solutions with IP-based Security & Surveillance systems to provide end-to-end enterprise monitoring network solutions for all our customers.

“At Hypercom, we are committed to constantly adapt and enhance our digital capabilities to build digital ecosystems with all our partners, adopting a framework and processes that support and empower our nimble growth in this digital economy.”

Discover Our Company: From Humble Beginnings to Changing the Game

Leading Digital Transformation in Business: The Vision and Mission of Hyper Communications Pte Ltd



Hyper Communications aims to provide businesses with cutting-edge Unified Communications and Digital Technology solutions to drive growth and become a leading provider in the industry.


Hyper Communications' mission is to empower businesses with the use of cutting-edge Unified Communications, Security & Surveillance services.

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